– Karen H.

My husband struggled for many years with major dental problems which affected many areas of his life, happiness and our relationship as well. Facing his fears and tackling the dental recovery work was a very difficult personal journey for my husband. As I began calling local dentists and briefly sharing the story, I knew I had landed in the perfect place while speaking the first time with Chris. She assured me that Dr. Wakim and the other professionals would address my husband’s fears and work with him to overcome the obstacles and provide excellent care and understanding. I have not been disappointed in any work or care that he has received. He smiles more now, and has regained some lost confidence. In fact, at his most recent physical, the Dr., who has known him for many years, stated he looked better than he had in years! My husband can now eat many foods that for so long he had avoided. I can’t express the gratitude and love I have for ALL in this remarkable office who are changing lives each and everyday. For Dr. Wakim, I just can’t say thank you enough for taking the challenge , traveling the journey with my husband, and blessing him with not only a wonderful smile, but a very healthy future as well. The day I made that first inquiry call was the beginning of my husband’s new life in so many ways. Though I really had to drag him to the office originally, he now goes faithfully and happily. Please know that I am full of respect, love and gratitude for each of the members in this phenomenal, life-changing office. I say “don’t walk, run” and see for yourselves what new possibilities are within your reach at Wakim Dentistry!!

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